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Visita Virtual y guiada al caminito del rey

Virtual guided tour of the Caminito del Rey

In this virtual guided tour of the Caminito del Rey we have proposed to approach one of the most successful tours from the sofa.

As you know, the Caminito del Rey, like the rest of the monuments and spaces of interest, both natural and of any kind are closed. We are at home, we are positive. But we also know that tourism agencies and companies in Spain are going to get out of this with a lot of effort. For this reason, the Discovering Spain team and Anera Travel continue to operate, and we continue with more desire and strength than ever. Well, since we cannot tell you that these days you will accompany us on one of our excursions, we suggest that you enjoy our Tours in this area.

We invite you to take this virtual guided tour of the Caminito del Rey from home, with the commitment that when you return from all this you will contact us again and one of our guides will show you. The future can be dreamed, and right now we only dream of traveling with you.

We start the visit …

Sillón del Rey
From the King’s Armchair, we begin the visit

If you click on the text you will enter the virtual tour that we propose.

In this first area we start from the explanation of the views of the three Guadalhorce Guadalteba reservoirs. Specifically, we will see and talk about the Chorro Reservoir. What we see is a reservoir in front of the stone benches and the king’s chair, with a stone table. The most fascinating thing about the beginning of the visit is that you can see the table where King Alfonso XIII sat down to sign the documents that allowed the works of the reservoir to be completed on May 21, 1921, and if you are good with the Google APP Maps, I suggest you look for the plate that indicates it;).

If you turn your eyes you can see in the background what is known as the engineer’s house or Casa del Conde.

We continue on our virtual guided tour of the Caminito del Rey

Just down the stairs we continue our visit towards the north access. There we will find the entrance to the first of the regulated passage areas. Following the course of the river and with a landscape of Malaga’s singular mountainous area, we will approach the access. We must already enjoy the silence, the tranquility and the natural environment that runs under our feet.

Even if you are on a virtual tour, look at the directions.

Once in the North access

If you don’t want to continue walking virtually, I suggest you click on the link. We are here, the good begins.

The Caminito del rey has a route of almost 8 km. Of these, on a vertigo walkway we will be a total of almost 3 km while the rest will be accesses. It is worth the effort, as the height you will see will be impressive. The Desfiladero de los Gaitanes is a large canyon in the rock where the Guadalhorce river makes its way. This river will be accessed until you reach the southern reservoir where the one known as Pantano del Chorro is located.

During the visit through the two parallels, you will find staff from the path itself that watches over the proper use of the facilities. In the access area between the two there are also rest areas. In our visit there we usually rest. We take the opportunity to see the birds that cross the area, as Griffon Vultures fly over, some more birds of prey and many types of birds that for lovers of observation becomes a delight. In total there are more than 100 different species of birds, crossbills, shadow gulls, etc.

When you do the real tour, we will be happy to accompany you if you allow us, the duration of this is 3 to 4 hours. The positive part that we like to see in these things, is that now you can do it in the time you consider and enjoying the details to your liking.

We hope it is an option to enjoy travel while we are at home because #yomequedoencasa.

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